WP1/2/3 Computer Sciences: BSC - UCM - UniCan - UM

Groups Involved: 

Computer Science Group from BSC-UPC, ArTeCS group from University Compluntence of Madrid, Computer Arquitecture and Technology Group from University of Cantabria and Computer Arquitecture group from the University of Malaga.

Collaboration between BSC-UPC, ArTeCS-UCM and AC-UM has been settled in order to analyze the optimization of scientific applications using different types of accelerators, including GPUs, Cell-like architectures and FPGAs. Initial collaborations between the AC-UM and the the Group on Astrophysics from UV have been started.

Two researchers of the AC-UM group and one from BSC-UPC made a stay of 4 months at IBM T.J. Watson Lab. in NY, USA, working on topics related with productive programming models (such as UPC) alternative to MPI for massive parallel architectures. Collaboration between BSC-UPC and AC-UM is foreseen in this topic.