Exascale Challenges in Computational Biology

Fecha y Hora: 
13 Dec 2023 (All day) - 15 Dec 2023 (All day)
Casa Convalescència, Barcelona (Spain)

As a result of the enormous potential of Molecular Biology to produce returns for human health, this discipline now figures as a main strategic research area. Molecular Biology has experienced a huge quantitative and qualitative jump thanks to high-throughput systems that have emerged in recent years, among these supercomputers. The challenge in the 90s was to build computers that reached the Teraflop scale. In 2007 the first computer to register 1,000 times this limit (1 Petaflop) was developed. This achievement has allowed us to exhaustively explore complex combinations of genetic variants, large scale Molecular Dynamics and high-throughput virtual screening.

SyeC will sponsor this conference.

More information about the conference: http://mmb.pcb.ub.es/exascale2010/index.htm