WP1/2/3 Computer Sciences: UniCan - BSC - UniZar

Grupos Implicados: 

Collaboration between University of Cantabria, BSC and University of Zaragoza.

Several collaborations have been settled. The U. of Cantabria group is working with BSC in the design, analysis and evaluation of interconnection subsystems for large scale supercomputers. Also, the U. of Cantabria group is working with the U. of Zaragoza team on on-chip networks with special emphasis on distributed memory hierarchies.

Ramon Beivide from the U. of Cantabria group made a stay of two months (April and May 2008) at BSC and UPC Computer Architecture Department (DAC) to work with the Jesus Labarta team on new routing mechanisms for indirect networks. The hired researcher of the Zaragoza team has made three stays (ten weeks in total) in the UPC Computer Architecture Department (DAC) in order to prepare the experimental setup of simICS and run the characterization measures.