WP1/2/3 Computer Sciences and WP5 Life Sciences

Grupos Implicados: 

Grups of Computer Sciences WP and groups of Life Sciences WP. 

 The groups in the WP have made a large collaborative effort with computational groups in the consortium to optimize computational methods, which are very CPU and memory demanding. This has been evident in the refinement of the TCoffee program (done in collaboration with T.Espinosa, F.Cores and F.Guirado), GEM and FluxCapacitor (done in collaboration with P.Ribeca and V.Viñals). These programs have been crucial in the definition of human transcriptome (Montgomery et al., Nature 2010; Buschbeck et al., Nature Struct. Mol. Biol. 2010). Also within this area of work we have established a very strong collaborative effort in studying the impact of transplicing in human, developing a cloud of workflows which have been used to first detect and later characterize the impact of inusual exonic chimeras in humans (Djebali et al., Genome Res. 2nd revision).